What is Cold forming ?

What is the Cold Forming ?

Cold forging or cold forming, the material is compressed into a mold; the shape of the mold is provided receiving kind of cold compression.
Cold forging of a metal changes shape and size.
Cold forging, metal, plastic properties of metals at room temperature for shaping benefits.
Chip is a very time-consuming task by removing the handle material. Removes large amounts of sawdust. Shorten the processing time to the cold forging and does not chip. For this reason, shows great interest in cold forming.

Cold forging (cold forming) method What are the advantages?
low material loss
Make use of the plastic material properties of the cold forging, machining, such as a cutting operation that does not.

High strength
Many metal hardens at room temperature. Material for the grain size of crystals decreases lengthened it straight. Therefore, tensile strength and hardness of the material increases but the ductility is reduced.

Low cost
At the same strength can be achieved with a thinner wall thickness. And provides cost savings from these sources.

Cold Forming Machines
Cold forming machines typically wire feeding, wire cutting, and then a certain length of the material the desired shape for the introduction of a tool and that made a series of molds consist of a horizontal extruded.