VISION (our view looking to the future)

“Quality of our products and services we offer our customers a reliable and powerful companies in our sector is to become.”

The vision is for people with different specializations and tasks as parts of a mosaic. Holistic vision in harmony with them by running a single target, lock, create synergies. Peter Senge said  “People elbows neither in nor for the objectives of others, they believe only their own internal targets or goals for future work are trying to reach,” A company can’t succeed without the vision and objectives.
Because the benchmarks do not a reference. Management, the company can’t research what be doing successful or failed. Lack of vision, the organization pushes to become passive.
This explains the need to develop a shared vision and the realization of participation. The astronauts of Apollo 7 spacecraft didn’t drive toward the Moon, but they left the earth by calculating the time they got there and headed off to the point where the moon will reside. To have a vision of the future’ determines the difference between ”’ to be responsive”  and to be pre-effective”. A company without a future vision  only reacts to developments. Our vision is a route that draws us to determine strategies. Today and tomorrow … The vision for the management, business re-organized to be a rational point of reference for the base.

1-Who will be the future customers?
2. How will work with our customers?
3. How will work with our suppliers?
4. How will our relationship with employees?
5. Which channels to reach customers?
6. They will produce for which values?
7. Who will be new competitors?
8. What will be a source of competitive advantage?
9. How to detect the market?
10. What will be the values?
11. What will happen to us on their core business to make money?
12. Business image for the employees how to be a place to work?
13. For the future we will be doing what?
14. What will be the contribution to the world around us?

TKT CİVATA employees, special bolts, rivets are doing a great job to spawning. Prosperity, technology, economy, contribute to humanity and civilization.

TKT CİVATA’s employees are aware of what the production of JAGUAR spare parts for the car.





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